Ukrainian Christmas Food

Dive into the fascinating world of Ukrainian Christmas food and discover its growing popularity in the UK. Experience the rich flavours and traditions that make Ukrainian holiday cuisine a delightful experience.

ukrainian christmas food

Ah, the joy of Christmas! Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, there’s nothing quite like gathering around the table to enjoy a hearty meal. And for those with Ukrainian roots or a penchant for world cuisines, there’s a world of rich and diverse dishes to explore. Ukrainian Christmas food, with its unique combination of Eastern European flavours and traditions, has found its way into the heart of British celebrations. As we explore these culinary delights, we’ll also delve into why and how they’ve become an integral part of the holiday season in the UK.

Ukrainian Christmas Food: A Feast for the Senses

Imagine this: A table spread with delicacies, each dish telling a story, a memory, a tradition passed down through generations. That’s the essence of Ukrainian Christmas food. Let’s embark on a mouth-watering journey through some of its iconic dishes:

  • Borscht: This beetroot-based soup is as vibrant in colour as it is in taste. With a mix of vegetables and sometimes meat, it’s a hearty start to any meal. And in the UK? It’s a familiar sight, as many British families with Ukrainian heritage continue to start their Christmas dinner with a warm bowl of borscht.
  • Varenyky: Often likened to dumplings, these are pockets of joy filled with various fillings, ranging from potatoes and cheese to sweet variants with cherries or poppy seeds. Served with sour cream, it’s a favourite among both kids and adults.
  • Holubtsi: These stuffed cabbage rolls, brimming with a mix of rice and meat, and cooked in a tomato sauce, are a comfort food par excellence. As winter sets in, many in the UK find solace in these warm, delicious rolls.
  • Kutia: A sweet dish made with wheat berries, poppy seeds, and honey, Kutia is traditionally the first dish eaten on Christmas Eve in Ukraine. It symbolises hope, prosperity, and the circle of life and death. Its presence on British tables showcases the depth of tradition and the blend of cultures.

The Rise of Ukrainian Christmas Food in the UK

You might wonder, how did these traditional Ukrainian dishes become so prevalent in the UK? The answer lies in the waves of Ukrainian immigrants who made Britain their home after World War II. Bringing with them their rich traditions, including their culinary prowess, they introduced the UK to the wonders of Ukrainian cuisine. Over time, as cultures mingled and British families grew more adventurous in their culinary tastes, these dishes have found a special place in many a British household during the festive season.

Ukrainian Christmas Food and Its Significance

Every dish in the Ukrainian Christmas spread has a deeper meaning, symbolising various facets of life, hope, and spirituality:

  • Twelve Dishes: Traditionally, Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinners comprise twelve dishes, representing the twelve apostles. While not every family in the UK follows this to the tee, many do incorporate a good number of these dishes into their celebrations.
  • Kutia for Unity: This sweet dish, often the centrepiece of the table, signifies unity among family members. Sharing the dish ensures a year of good fortune and blessings.
  • Fasting and Feasting: The Christmas Eve dinner, being the culmination of a period of fasting, is entirely vegetarian in many households. This aspect is often preserved British families of Ukrainian descent, honouring the age-old traditions.


What’s the main difference between Ukrainian and British Christmas dishes?
While both cuisines focus on hearty, comforting foods, Ukrainian dishes tend to have a stronger emphasis on grains, vegetables, and traditional Eastern European flavours. British dishes, on the other hand, often focus on roasted meats and puddings.

Are there vegetarian options in Ukrainian Christmas food?
Absolutely! Many of the traditional dishes, especially those served on Christmas Eve, are vegetarian. Dishes like Varenyky can also be made with a variety of vegetarian fillings.

Where can I find Ukrainian Christmas food in the UK?
Several Ukrainian restaurants and delis across the UK offer these traditional dishes. Additionally, with the rise in popularity, many mainstream supermarkets have begun stocking ingredients for those who wish to try their hand at making these dishes at home.

How has the Ukrainian Christmas food evolved in the UK?
Over time, as with any cuisine, there has been a blending of traditions. Some families might incorporate British ingredients into Ukrainian dishes or serve traditional Ukrainian and British dishes side side.

Why is Kutia so significant in the Ukrainian Christmas meal?
Kutia is symbolic of hope, unity, and the circle of life and death. It’s the first dish consumed on Christmas Eve, ensuring a year filled with blessings.

Can I make these dishes at home?
Of course! With a plethora of recipes available online and ingredients readily accessible, many people in the UK are now trying their hand at making traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes at home.


As the world becomes a global village, the blending of traditions, especially culinary ones, is inevitable. The growing popularity of Ukrainian Christmas food in the UK is a testament to the beauty of this blend, a harmonious amalgamation of taste, tradition, and togetherness. As we prepare for the festive season, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines that make our celebrations so special. And if you’ve never tried Ukrainian Christmas food, now’s the perfect time to dive in. Smachnoho! (That’s “Bon Appétit” in Ukrainian!)

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