Marks and Spencer Near Me

Looking for marks and spencer near me? There are over 600 Marks and Spencer stores across the UK, so you’re never far from one of our branches. Their online store delivers to almost all corners of the UK as well, so even if there isn’t a convenient location near you, you can still enjoy all your favourite M&S products delivered right to your door.

marks and spencer near me

To find your nearest Marks and Spencer store, simply enter your postcode into the store locator on our website. You can also view a list of all our stores clicking here. If you need any assistance when using the store locator, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.

Locations of marks and spencer in the uk –

Marks and Spencer are located across the United Kingdom in almost every town and city. They have over 600 stores, which is more than any other retailer in the UK. The majority of their stores are located in England, with just over 400, but they also have a large presence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In England, you’ll find Marks and Spencer stores in all of the major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. They also have a number of stores in smaller towns and villages across the country. In Scotland, there are around 30 Marks and Spencer stores, mostly located in Edinburgh and Glasgow. In Wales, there are around 20 stores, with the majority being situated in Cardiff. Lastly, in Northern Ireland, there are around 10 stores, all located in Belfast.

Where is the biggest Marks and Spencer?

The biggest Marks and Spencer store in the UK is located on Oxford Street in London. It covers a massive 80,000 square feet and has 10 floors, making it one of the largest stores in the country. This particular store is so popular that it sees over 50,000 customers each day, which is more than any other store in the world.

Can you try clothes on in M&S at the moment?

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, Marks and Spencer have had to close their fitting rooms in all stores across the UK. However, they are still allowing customers to try on clothes in store, but they ask that you only do so if you are certain that you will be buying the items. If you do need to return an item of clothing that you’ve tried on, then please ensure that you wash it before returning it. This is for the safety of both their employees and other customers.

Can you still buy clothes in M&S in store?

Yes, you can still buy clothes in Marks and Spencer stores across the UK. However, due to the current pandemic, they have had to make a number of changes to the way that their stores operate. For example, they have introduced a one-way system to help promote social distancing, and they are only allowing a certain number of people in their stores at any one time. They have also made changes to their fitting rooms and changing areas, so please check with a member of staff before using these facilities.

What is M&S click and collect?

Marks and Spencer’s click and collect service allows you to order items online and then collect them from your nearest store. This is a convenient way to shop, especially if you’re short on time or you live in a rural area where home delivery can be unreliable. To use this service, simply add the items that you wish to purchase to your online basket and select ‘click and collect’ at the checkout. You will then be able to choose which store you would like to collect your order from. Please note that not all products are available for click and collect, so please check before placing your order.

Are M&S sandwich platters anymore?

Unfortunately, Marks and Spencer have stopped selling sandwich platters. However, they do sell a range of other food platters that would be perfect for your next event or gathering. These include cheese boards, sushi platters, charcuterie boards and more. You can view their full range of food platters online or in store.

What is the M&S food to order service?

The M&S food to order service allows you to pre-order food for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. This is a convenient way to ensure that you have enough food to feed all of your guests, without having to spend hours preparing it yourself. To use this service, simply browse their online range and select the items that you would like to order. You can then choose a delivery date and time that is convenient for you. Please note that orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

What happened to M&S Simply Food?

In April 2018, Marks and Spencer announced that they would be rebranding their Simply Food stores as M&S Foodhall. This was part of a wider plan to bring all of their food offerings under one roof, making it easier for customers to find what they were looking for. The last Simply Food store was converted to a M&S Foodhall in 2019.

What is an M&S Outlet store?

M&S Outlet stores are clearance stores that sell items from previous seasons at reduced prices. They are usually located in retail parks and out-of-town shopping centres. You can find your nearest M&S Outlet store using their store locator tool on their website.

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Which delivery company do Marks and Spencer use?

Marks and Spencer use a range of different delivery companies, depending on the size and weight of the items that you have ordered. For smaller items, they use Royal Mail, Hermes and DPD. For larger items, they use UPS. You can find out which delivery company will be used for your order checking the ‘delivery information’ section on the product page.