Tesco Book A Slot

Looking to learn more on Tesco Book A Slot?

Tesco has made it easier for customers to access their stores across the UK introducing the Book A Slot service. This allows shoppers to choose a convenient time slot for their grocery shopping before they buy anything. Customers can use this service online or through Tesco’s mobile app.

tesco book a slot

The Book A Slot feature was first launched in October 2019 and is now available in all UK stores. Customers can use it to book a one-hour slot for their shopping trip and pay for their groceries when they arrive at the store. In addition, customers can also choose between contactless or cash payments.

Customers will be required to provide some personal information such as name, number and email address in order to book a slot. They will then receive an email or text notification with their unique booking code, which they can use to enter the store at their chosen time.

The Book A Slot service is free and offers customers more convenience and flexibility when doing their grocery shopping. It also helps reduce queues, making it easier for customers to get in and out of the store quickly. So if you’re looking to do your grocery shopping at Tesco, why not try out the Book A Slot service? It’s fast, easy and convenient!

Tesco is committed to providing customers with an excellent customer experience. The Book A Slot service is just one of many initiatives which Tesco has introduced to make shopping easier and more convenient for its customers. So why not give it a try today!

Benefits of Tesco book a slot

• Quick & easy way to book a grocery shopping slot

• Avoid waiting in long queues for groceries

• Keeps customers safe and socially distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic

• Provides more convenience and flexibility when doing grocery shopping

• Helps reduce wait times at checkout counters

• Allows customers to pay using contactless or cash payments

• Free to use

• Available in all UK stores

• Can be accessed online or through the Tesco mobile app.

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